1. Orun - Taitu - Tsehai - Nyambi - Asis (Sundust series) 

    Sara Golish



  2. Morning (II)


    Love, how many ways until reach a kiss,
    that loneliness wandering until thy presence!
    Continue the trains running alone in the rain.
    In Taltal not yet dawned, the spring.
    But you and I, my love, we are together,
    together since the clothes to the roots,
    together in autumn, water, hips,
    until be just you, just me, together.
    Think that needed so many stones that leads the river,
    the mouth of the Boroa’s water
    think that separated by trains and nations
    you and I, we had that simply to love us,
    with all confounded, with men and women,
    with the land that deploys and educates the carnations.


    Pablo Neruda, Hundred Love Sonnets 


  3. Equus Study II - Hung Liu


  4. Companion II - Hung Liu


  5. Cherry IV - Hung Liu


  6. Early Morning - Hung Liu


  7. archann:

    Archan Nair - New Illustration titled “ Another Memory “

    Website // Facebook // Instagram




  10. Jane’s Addiction - Tahitian Moon



  12. pachanka:

    I just though it was time for me to introduce you to my brothers work. He is a muralist, painter, illustrator, and all around complete artist.

    He is also a really nice guy. :-)

    You can check out more of his work at his home page or facebook:



  13. MXMT Maxime Büchi

    (see previous)


  14. Raven - Kain White


  15. The Raven - Jamie Wyeth