1. jedavu:

    Striking Ceramic Sculptures of Human-Animal Hybrids Explore Relationship Between People and Nature

    Created by California-based artist Crystal Morey

    (via dinumbre)


  2. brandybonin:

    The Gun Club - Mother of Earth




  5. Life-boat and manby apparatus going off to a stranded vessel making signal (blue lights) of distress - Joseph Mallord William Turner



  6. The New Moon (or I’ve lost my boat, you shan’t have your hoop) - Joseph Mallord William Turner

    (see previous)


  7. Evening in Ukraine -  Nikolay Dubovskoy




  9. Head in Purples and Pinks - Malcolm T. Liepke



  10. Wrapped in Sage - Malcolm T. Liepke



  11. jelenati:

    Malcolm Liepke, Curves, 2014
    oil on canvas, 18 x 30 in. (45.7 x 76.2 cm)




  14. timeywimeylady:

    Never Here - Elastica


  15. Vampire Appearing In The Form of an Explosion - Bolesław Biegas