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    Dmitry Gomberg: Akrak Vazha (The Shepherd’s Way)

    Artist Statement: 

    This is a story about Tusheti - mountain region in the Republic of Georgia. Tusheti lies near the Chechen border and it is culturally closer to Chechens than to Georgians. The story is about shepherds who travel every summer to their ancestors’ land Tusheti and than return to spend the winter at the bottom of the mountain. Twice a year they travel with their sheep through the pass in the Caucasus which is 3,000 meters high. 

    I was staying and documenting life of the Shepherds in the Caucasus mountains for 5 years.

    These people have been cheese makers since before Christ.

    Their life is simple and harsh, but beautiful.




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    Gun Club - Sex Beat


  6. Dream 38 and 39 - Safwan Dahoul



  7. White Peacock - Laurie Kaplowitz



  8. Winged Mask - Laurie Kaplowitz



  9. Red Gingko Collar - Laurie Kaplowitz



  10. Vase with Jasmine - Jan Mankes



  11. Evening Landscape with Moon - Jan Mankes



  12. Marmot at Autumn - Jan Mankes



  13. Still Life with Buffalo Skull - Jan Mankes



  14. Crow on Birch Tree - Jan Mankes



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    Jan Mankes (1889–1920) - Nestling - 1917 - Medium engraving on wood.


    (Source: commons.wikimedia.org)